The program so far

I know I’ve committed myself to improving my blog by joining the Zero to Hero in 30 days program. But really, the things they propose are not what I’d had in mind. My blog really is only about writing. In order to navigate efficiently, I have created my “Neck of the Woods” page. Maybe I […]

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Zero to Hero: What the Hell?

Yes, you may (mis-)understand the title of this post. I allow it. Technically, you are not misunderstanding it, with me allowing it. That is a paradox. Sort of. But not really, because the more I think about today’s assignment on the Zero to Hero program, I am really wondering what the hell (?) is going […]

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Zero to Hero: Introduction

Well, technically I’m not a zero. I’m not a hero, at least not in blogging terms, but I don’t consider myself a zero. What is the scale, anyway? Is it 0-10, 0-100, 0-4, 0-infinity? What are the stages between Zero and Hero? I digress. So, about me. My introduction, really. I’ve written a whole lot […]

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