Sarakis approached the forest lighting over which he had spotted the crows. They had led him to a bloody mess. About a dozen men and women lay there, slain by strokes of the sword, blows of the axe or pierced with arrows. The arrow victims were his favorite. Damage to the underlying frame was minute, […]

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Hard times had befallen Potamia. Toruan, first of his name to rule the country, has been assassinated, the Throne usurped by his cousin, Ingbahr. Many with a valid claim to the Throne have been disposed of, exiled or murdered. The opposition was weak, but still fighting, and some have raised support and forces in the […]

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Dragon Hunter

Michaelis sat at the counter across from the scribe, who was finishing up the forms from the previous candidate. He filed them, and gave them to his assistant “Drawer 27”. Then he looked at Michaelis, a broad-shouldered, but not tall man, clad in scale armor made of hardened Salamandra leather, riveted with silver to hold […]

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