Untimely Time

Been a long time since I wrote anything. Last was the Presidential Post, where I presented my Campaign Promises (NOT). This post is a bit more serious. It’s a speculation on the structure of reality, and it has a lot to do with time. My brother and I developed this highly hypothetical model of Spacetime. It’s very complicated to explain how we arrived at our conclusion, which is that the universe’s expansion and dark matter, and the prevalence of matter itself over antimatter, are all the result of an additional dimension of Time -Hypertime (and some space).

Headache alert – if you’re not a physics or science person, this may seem totally out of context. I’m not even sure it makes sense to ANYONE, except for of course my brother or me.

Imagine the Big Bang. It’s the beginning of Time, as we know it. There is some speculation of a time before the big bang, but a before time is… well… outside of time. The way we think of time currently is of a dimension that started at a discrete point, and is a straight axis. Well, that is very much simplified, because space and time are relative etc. pp., but basically it started somewhere and there is no meaning of anything before its starting point. Unlike space, which doesn’t seem to start anywhere in particular, because every point in spacetime has an individual cosmic horizon based on its past light cone which is limited in size due to its distance from the starting point of time.

But what if the time axis doesn’t just stop at the big bang? What if there actually is a negative time axis, with it’s own causality structure? There is this idea out there, that there might be an Antimatter universe, because we still can’t properly explain how it happened that there is more of one type of matter, when Matter and Antimatter spontaneously form and annihilate eachother in the Vaccuum (for further information on this, google Vaccuum Energy and Casimir Effect), but in all of these cases, none of the matter types gains the upper hand. So what if the Antimatterverse actually happens in negative time relative to the Big Bang? Afaik, Antimatter is mathematically described as Matter with opposite charge in temporal reverse. My Brother and I can’t be the first to think that there is an Antimatterverse symmetrical to our Matterverse! Btw. we call this Idea Hypersymmetry. 

Actually, we took the Hypersymmetry Idea even further. What if there were another time-axis perpendicular to our ‘regular’ time-axis. Actually, that idea isn’t that revolutionary. I’ve heard of rumors that even the great Stephen Hawking has conceded to the theoretical possibility of imaginary time. But why only assume imaginary time, if you can have three additional imaginary spatial dimensions, each perpendicular to the ‘real’ spatial dimensions? Of course, these extraspatial dimensions would only interact with our ‘real’ spatial dimensions through the curvature of all of spacetime via the energy they contain – in other words, gravity. Wait a minute, have I just told you that Matter in imaginary spacetime is supposed to be responsible for the effects we attribute to Dark Matter? Yeah, I guess we did. And again, we’re not the first to think it. I’ve heard some very similar thoughts in conjunction with Multiverse and Many-World-Theory of QM. But the Kicker is yet to come.

So imagine the Antimatterverse and our Matterverse were to meet again… In our Future or their Antifuture, causing Time to curve back on itself. Or are we the Antimatterverse with an Antifuture? It really makes no difference, it’s just a matter of perspective, because in a negative time, with Antimatter, Entropy would decrease with time… or increase with Antitime. The increase of Entropy is our indicator for the direction of temporal evolution, which is then simply away from the Big Bang, returning the absolutivity of the time value. The concepts of imaginary and negative time are bijectively implicit in this manner. So if we imagine our phase-space of Spacetime expanding in two seperate temporal directions, we have a time funnel expanding from the Big Bang – if we simplify space to a single x-axis times the circumference of its time cone. In 4D, this would seem like an evenly, flatty spreading space expanding at an exponential rate, while in fact, this Hyperspace is hyperbolic! And now we explained how our seemingly flat space expands at an exponential rate, while imaginary mass in imaginary dimensions tugs at us gravitationally without interacting with us in ANY OTHER MANNER, and where (actually, when) all the Antimatter went (is going!)

Now, if you’re asking me what drug’s we’re on and where to get them, I am stone cold sober. My brother was on his usual stuff, nothing you couldn’t buy freely or grow legally in some States of the USA, or the Netherlands.

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