Just a picture

I don’t usually post pictures. Not never, just not usually. Never say Never, right? With this picture, I simply couldn’t resist. Just as I couldn’t resist taking it. The colors are simply perfect. A minute earlier, they weren’t yet, and another minute later, they were faded. It’s the view from my window at work, around […]

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Inner Monologue

I speak to myself very often. I’m a bit crazy, somewhat weird. That’s not really news. My most recent inner monologue involved my mistrust for Psychotherapists. It’s not technically mistrust. I have never been in psychotherapy, so what would be my reason to mistrust psychotherapists. I have friends and relatives who suffer from psychological ailments, […]

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R.I.P. Merlin

This is the wizard I am talking about. Today, on September 19th, the cutest kitty in the world closed his eyes for the last time. Diagnosis: pulmonary edema, heart failure. The vet gave him the merciful narcotic shot before he suffocated. It’s hardly any consolation. He only lived to see the beginning of his 5th […]

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