Hard times had befallen Potamia. Toruan, first of his name to rule the country, has been assassinated, the Throne usurped by his cousin, Ingbahr. Many with a valid claim to the Throne have been disposed of, exiled or murdered. The opposition was weak, but still fighting, and some have raised support and forces in the […]

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Waves on Paper Or the screen of your PC Represent the sound Captured in Silence The frozen oscillation Halted stream in time The button is pressed Electronics Rumbelling The music released

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I Wish I Were

… able to finish that sentence. Paradox, isn’t it? Or, self-fulfilling. Strictly, the latter would be true. I wished it, so I did it. It is a common concept, but one that rarely applies to me. I am f-ing lazy. I wished it, so I did it is a pious wish. If it happens, it […]

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