Baggage claim

Some people have little. Others have lots. Some people need help carrying their’s. Others don’t. Some of those who need help don’t seek it, or even outright refuse it. Some who could carry their own load it on top of others, and some take on the extra load willingly, no matter whether their backs can […]

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New Phone

Usually, I wouldn’t write about stuff I’ve done, bought or said recently. So, why am I telling you this? I’m certainly not doing it for the sake of bragging. That is what I believe is behind people posting all of their inane kunk on Facebook, which I do not want for WordPress. I have mentioned […]

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Because all ways are my way

Yeah, I thought that might get your attention. Who doesn’t love the Queen of Hearts in Alice’s Wonderland? Oh, don’t all raise your hands at once! So, today’s prompt is about decisions, again. I like the one’s about decisions. Decisions are on most peoples’ minds, from small decisions, like what to have for breakfast, to […]

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