Zero to Hero: What the Hell?

Yes, you may (mis-)understand the title of this post. I allow it. Technically, you are not misunderstanding it, with me allowing it. That is a paradox. Sort of. But not really, because the more I think about today’s assignment on the Zero to Hero program, I am really wondering what the hell (?) is going on in their minds.

Originally, I thought “What the hell, why not?” I mean, that is what I thought when I started my blog. I didn’t have a specific post or topic on my mind. Or is that just my lazy memory, trying to trick me into not thinking past the 3 day threshold? To many, my memory works in mysterious ways, but really, it is just ultra economical, a.k.a. lazy, but very spontaneous when it comes to digging up possibly relevant facts, in anticipation of an interesting conversation. No, it’s never about trains, unless it’s about whenever trains are late. Contrary to popular belief, Sheldon Cooper is not my alter ego. I am not Asperger (enough to be compared to him). Really, I read about Asperger’s today, in order to stay awake, because if I fall asleep too early, I will wake up at 1 AM and I need to sleep until 4:30 AM or else I will fall asleep at work. Yes, I work on Sundays. I get 26% tax-free bonus. I need the money. I’d rather (also) work on monday, since it’s a holiday, and I’d get 100%, but life ain’t all chocolates in a box. I digress. Badly, I am afraid.

So yeah, why am I allowing you to (mis-)interpret the title of this post? It still has to do with my memory, and the way it works. The lazy part of my memory. And also the part where my mind is a train station without any schedules, or platforms for that matter. Nope, still not a train nut. It’s just a metaphor I used in my “about this blog” text widget, and since I like everything about the title, the caption and the text widget of my blog, I entirely skipped assignment #2 of this program. Really, it tells the reader everything they need to know without using too much space! So, back to the train station without schedules or platforms. I can’t revisit the moment of me creating this blog, or any other intention that begot an action by a conscious act in the past; that is all my subconscious’ area of competence, protected, private, and neither static nor void. So, What the Hell, DailyPost? If I had something specific in mind when I created this blog, well, that intention is long gone. Maybe I’ll dream about it tonight, want to write about it, but find that it’s already there, or it sucks, because I’ve already evolved beyond that as a person, but I am definitely not going to write it. 99,7% certain, here!

Oh yeah, there is one kind of person who could access my past intentions, but I haven’t been to that kind of person… ever… for that matter. I don’t call the SysAdmin for trivial reasons. I usually just reboot and see if I start working again. Some wannabe SysAdmins have tried to invade my mind, but I have paranoid security precautions in place. No, I’m not a robot. How certain am I? 99,7%. Yup, that’s my number.

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