Untimely Time

Been a long time since I wrote anything. Last was the Presidential Post, where I presented my Campaign Promises (NOT). This post is a bit more serious. It’s a speculation on the structure of reality, and it has a lot to do with time. My brother and I developed this highly hypothetical model of Spacetime. […]

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Meet the new President!

Absofragginlutely! You heard me right! I’m gonna run for President. Of the US of A! My favorite Country in the World! I mean, there are countries in the World I like a lot, maybe even more, but the US of A still the most! As some may know, I grew up in Germany and went […]

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A matter of some import

It’s been quite a while since my dear readers had any news from me, so I’ll give you a quick update before I pitch you the reason of my return to WordPress. Since my last post, which I published well more than a year ago, much has happened: The UK voted to leave the EU, […]

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