Battlestar Galactica (2004)

I’m going here completely by memory from a time in which my memories are quite sparse, and the ones I do have are foggy. I drank a lot, smoked lots of THC and I was quite directionless. The clearest ones are of me hurting people -emotionally, I didn’t get into any physical altrucations – and […]

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Babylon 5

How do I describe Babylon 5 without referring to Star Trek? I don’t. Star Trek is nice and shiny. Babylon 5 is down and dirty. Well, not as down and dirty as some other sci-fi fantasies, but a good mix. Unlike the Enterprise, the Federation’s Flagship, Babylon 5 is a military-governed diplomatic outpost on the […]

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My thoughts on the newest superhero television series? I am so glad you asked (Haha, you didn’t, I know). I haven’t read the original comic this TV series is based on, but considering how cliché the story is, I think they might have stuck quite close with it. Not that that’s a bad thing. It […]

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