The Photograph

<- an offer I couldn’t refuse I turned the picture to look at the stranger’s face again. A tan complexion; short, salt and pepper hair; receding hair line; middle aged, light wrinkles on the forehead and cheeks; pointy face, short chin, clean shave; bright blue eyes form a piercing gaze, combined with the bushy brows […]

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An offer I couldn’t refuse

17.02 The boss rode down to the second sublevel with me on the elevator. Coincidentally, I thought, we must have both parked our cars there. I hadn’t noticed him coming in this morning. I was never late, he was never late, so we often met in the elevator on the way to our offices. My […]

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Red Hering, 3

Massacre at Pete’s Corner was the word, and detective Ben Warner was assigned the case, due to his prior entanglement with the crowd that called itself Pete’s patronage. He hadn’t ever been able to stick anything to them, but that wasn’t that unusual in New Brooklyn. They were, however, quite reliable when it came to […]

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