Zero to Hero: Introduction

Well, technically I’m not a zero. I’m not a hero, at least not in blogging terms, but I don’t consider myself a zero. What is the scale, anyway? Is it 0-10, 0-100, 0-4, 0-infinity? What are the stages between Zero and Hero? I digress.

So, about me. My introduction, really. I’ve written a whole lot about myself on this blog, especially in the Questions of Life category. Visit it if you like. Some (many) of the daily prompts from the DailyPost are also centered on the person of the blogger. There is also a short post on the “about” page of my blog, about me (du-uh!). At some point, no, actually, exactly when I had 500 views on my blog, I reflected on that threshold. Well, not really reflecting, but rejoicing at the fact that it had happened so soon, just about a month into blogging. What’s the status now, after 17 +1/2 months of blogging? Not quite 8,000, as a linear development would have suggested. Not tens of thousands, if it were vaguely exponential. It stands at a depressing 4368 views.

Am I expecting a quantum leap from joining Zero to Hero in 30 days? No, not really. While I do believe that some who join this program might, because they will be featured on Freshly Pressed, and I hope I am one of those, I am a bit pessimistic. You know why hope dies last? It is the torturer’s design to have it see all the others suffer. I am somewhat of a masochist, yes. Did Jesus say anything about masochists in his Sermon on the Mount? I think he should have.

So, I’m a pessimistic, masochistic weirdo who still hopes for recognition, which is why I blog.

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