Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Buffy Experience transcends TV. It is a social phenomenon. Buffy started when I was just a teen, and ran until I was a young adult, and it has affected virtually all of my peers. It polarized my entire peer group. It wasn’t about whether the show was good or bad. It was revolutionary. It […]

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The show’s pretense: the (self-acclaimed) best forensic anthropologist in the world solves the really tough crimes for the FBI. Also, due to her accomplishments in her field, everyone just calls her “Bones”. She is quite slender, but not skinny enough to refer to her appearance as boney. While the crime solving does make the majority […]

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Black Books

What kind of comedy would you expect to come from a book store? I mean, you’re supposed to be quiet in a book store, so other people can browse in peace. Anything loud and irritating is disallowed in a sacred temple of knowledge and sophisticated entertainment. Unless this book store is run by Bernhard L. […]

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