I regret…

Nothing I’ve done recently. And while I still do resent regrets, they’re just part of life. You do something stupid, you regret it, you get over it. Well, if it were that easy, it wouldn’t be a part of our lives. Because regret is useful. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t regret. Now you’re probably wondering how regret is useful. I wish I could tell you there’s an easy explanation without lying to you. 

Regret can really paralize you. Not in a physical, but in a mental manner. It can stop you from moving forward. And it’s not only regret that can hold you back, but the fear of regret. To regret something you’ve done is emotionally far more harrowing than the regret of omission. If you never risk anything, then you only risk dying a boring person, and well, meh. That’s ok, because everyone else is boring, anyway, and we all die eventually, so what’s the point? Okay, that’s not what I think. Well, we do all die eventually, and though I don’t know what the point of it all is, I’m making a point of maybe finding out what that point might be. I digress.

So, if you don’t let your fear of regret paralize you, then you are bound to do something regrettable some day. Or a few more things. And some of those things will stick with you until the day you die or develop dementia. These big regrets in your life will haunt you, even if you are forgiven. Because regret isn’t about forgiveness. When you receive absolution, the priest tells you to go forth and sin no more. I have reveived absolution for some things I’ve done to others. I haven’t received absolution for some other deeds. I don’t know if I can or should forgive myself for how I’ve wasted my gifts, poisoned my body, and neglected my health in the past. What’s important is that I don’t ever fall into lethargy and self-pity (again). This is where my regret can help me.

Yes, if you manage to overcome your fear and self-pity, regret won’t paralize you. It will build your character and form your principles, and make you a better person. Because it will be a LOT more difficult to repeat the mistake you regret having made. 

5 thoughts on “I regret…

  1. I feel that many important decisions in life are based on weights like 55:45. So you can already anticipate that you will sort of regret the missed 45%. But just visualizing this fact at the time you take the decision does help a lot afterwards.

    1. In most things I still regret conscious decisions weren’t involved. But if I were to repeat these things it would be a conscious decision to do so, because of the regret I still feel – kind of like a permanent trauma

      1. I agree!
        It would be a pleasure if you stop by my blog and leave your valuable feedback too. I found your website really interesting and deep.

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