Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight

When faced with confrontation, do you head for the hills or walk straight in? Was there ever a time you wished you’d had the opposite reaction? If that were such an easy question to answer… I like to think that I look in the face of danger, laughingly. Maybe it is the case. But there […]

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Daily Prompt: Goals

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all? Yes, I had goals. No, I haven’t achieved them. Yet. They haven’t changed, and I still have them. It’s actually just one single goal: become a better writer. Maybe it is true that I have become […]

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Mind the Gap: Smartphones

Does your phone affect your relationships?   To be honest, I don’t have a smartphone. I’m getting a new old fashioned sub-notebook soon (Samsung 303C12 H01), with skype and bluetooth it is a very big smartphone. I expect to do a lot of wordpressing, some facebooking, watching videos, listening to music, definitely no tweeting. It […]

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