I was just notified that Palestinia has been acknowledged as a Nation by the international community in the UN. I believe this is a sign, a chance for peace in the region, a chance for diplomacy instead of bullets and rockets. Palestinia will not be on equal footing with Israel for a long time, especially […]

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Hey You!

You are reading this, aren’t you? If you’re not, there is no point in writing. You are the one person I am writing for. The only person I want to write for. Those other people who follow me, they are only an accident. Nice accidents, to be sure, accidents I wouldn’t want to unhappen, but […]

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Get a Life!

This is in response to yesterday’s daily prompt, somehow I don’t get updated on those until the day after they are posted. The best advice I have ever given comes to many people as kind of an insult: Get a life! Needless to explain, someone who this is directed at is told to direct his […]

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