I want to ride my Bicycle

A classic. I didn’t listen to this song today on the subway train to work. I wasn’t on the subway train to work today. I rode my bike. My brand new bike. I got it today, a slightly belated present. The bike shop was closed yesterday. It’s an 18 km ride to work (ca 11 […]

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Nineteen eighty HIGH-FIVE!

can you high-five your birth year? The moment I publish this post, it will be around midnight on the 23rd of March 2015 in Germany, where I live. I will have just turned 30. Ten years ago, I finished School. It was normal then to finish School age 20. Higher education used to be something […]

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Order of Crime

I have recently watched many moralizing movies. There is always so much drama involved. But don’t get me wrong: the drama is actually interesting. The gravitas of the drama suggests that there is actually an order of criminal actions. There are two basic kinds of drama that I am going to distinguish: the drama that […]

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