This is pretty much a writer’s urge surge again. It’s 3 AM, I can’t sleep. I got to think about something, and that was potential. I’m talking about human potential. About how we could be so much more, so much better. Of course, I am a dreamer. I live in potentials. That’s one of the […]

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Calendar Boy

Is there any logical, plausible way to rate a season, or a month? I guess it depends on a person’s priorities. I’ll just give it a try, brainstorm what any month or the other means to me. · January: Beginning of the new year. I often feel very up then, with lots of good intentions. […]

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RP characters

I realize that not everybody is interested in RPG’s (Role Playing Games), and the kind of characters I am describing are PnP (Pen and Paper) characters, so we’re talking super nerdy. So, why am I writing about this to you? You may not have guessed it, but one of my favorite past-times is Roleplaying. I’d […]

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