20 years

I just ran across a rather random piece of information at the train station in Nuremberg. We have these really big info screens there, and at regular intervals, they present historical information. Today, 20 years ago, for instance, homosexuality was legalized in Germany.

I can’t understand why any government should be concerned with their citizens sexuality in the first place. Generally, Germany is very easy when it comes to stuff like that. So long as you’re not taking advantage, or offering recompense, it is legal to have sex with anyone 14 years and older. Yes, age of consent in Germany is 14. Most Germans don’t even believe it, when I say that, but the law is clear in that respect. It is not so clear on the taking advantage and recompense part, so it’s still safe to say that sex with anyone younger than 18 as an adult breaks some kind of law, which will likely get you into serious trouble.

Anyway, even though we don’t persecute or prosecute gays for doing what is really no one elses business, we still can’t seem to open up marriage for them, especially in the rather conservative South, i.e. Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. That is stupid as hell.


5 thoughts on “20 years

  1. Wow, 14!!! Yikes, super young! I am surprised about the same sex marriage stuff, I would have thought Germany would have pretty liberal on that. You learn something new everyday! By the way, I like your new photo – the cucumber is very curious!

    1. Technically, it is possible, but it is socially hardly accepted. Many people feel it erodes the institution of marriage. I say: those who marry for the sake of saving taxes, without raising children erode the institution. And there are lots of children who would be better off were they raised by loving homosexuals than by the foster system, drunks, or drug addicts

      1. Agreed on that. Although, I don’t think that marriage necessarily makes a good setting for kids, and marriage doesn’t mean anyone should have kids either, just for the sake of it. I have always believed it isn’t who gives the child love/living home that matters, so long as they are loved and nurtured. I agree many people have kids, who clearly aren’t fit to look after animals, never mind a human life.

      2. Yeah, but not as many as there used to be. I think children outside of marriage is perfectly fine, as there are many reasons someone would choose children, but not marriage or vice versa!!

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