When you think about it, silence is an extremely abstract concept. How is silence defined? Our first attempt would be to say that silence is an absence of Sound. Is that so? Sound is a vibration of particles. According to our current understanding of Physics, every particle is in constant motion. Hence, there is no such thing as silence. But still, it is such an intuitive concept. We also associate silence with inaction. Radio silence. Simon and Garfunkel even give Silence a Sound. I rather like that song. I sometimes sing it in the shower. Yes, thats when everyone hears me, but no one listens. It’s when my brain goes idle, that my passion for art and philosophy emerge. You can imagine from my relative silence on WordPress that I have been caught up in pressing matters. I couldn’t afford the necessary idleness to become creative.

Silence isn’t in my nature. I might seem calm on the outside, but my Brain is always firing. Even if I became blind and deaf, I would still not be silent. As long as I can, I will think. I would paint a world on the inside of my mind if my access to the outside were cut off. There is only silence in death. But death is just the same as silence. Only the individual dies. Life itself will not end, so long as there is a place for it. And the Universe is a very big place.


5 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Greta post! Silence is a complicated thing. I remember taking Counselling quals; we were taught to make use of silences, whilst counselling a client. That can be difficult, in a scenario made for talk! Yet, silence can help us reflect, as we are alone with our minds, completely in a moment and that is often a thing people struggle with. We often require external stimuli. People seem to be uncomfortable with silence in general (as in no audible sound – music, speech and alike), maybe because they are uncomfortable with themselves in some way and need something to divert their attentions from what is lacking (internally or externally).
    I am OK with being silent, being alone and being inside my own mind; I actually like it. I do however dislike silence when I am out in a social setting, then silence can be uncomfortable! Especially when some people prefer to text or whats app on their phone, instead of communicating verbally. Seems maybe we are more silent than we think, especially with modern tech at hand to help!

    1. Thanks for your excellent and extensive comment. I am content enough with myself to enjoy silence. I do find it extremely awkward when people are sitting together with their mobiles, whatsapping and sending short messages to each other.

  2. Thought-provoking. It’s an interesting existential question: does silence exist? Is it an absence? You question that, but can absences exist? Do the potholes in the road on my route to work exist? Insofar as they are just the absence of asphalt maybe not, but if pressed, I’d have to say, ‘Maybe they don’t exist, but they’re there.’

    1. From a physical point of view, silence is not quite like a pothole, though I do get what you’re pointing to with your comparison. We have a rather negative perception, since we have a strong concept of absence in our language, while we hardly notice things that are, in fact, there, like the constant noise of civilization, and roads

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