Car sharing cherry

Has now been officially popped. Yes, it’s the first time that I borrowed a car from a perfect stranger. It was her first time, too. She had never lent her car to a perfect stranger. I wouldn’t say it was exciting. After all, most of the steps of the procedure are very usual. Getting in a situation where you don’t own a car and need one; I guess we’re all familiar with that one. Downloading an app for your cell phone, registering, paying via PayPal, or whatever else you prefer, driving the car at 100 mph – I guess that’s pretty much singular to the Germany experience – missing a few turns but still making it on time to return the car. Anyway, I think I also made a new friend. The experience of going through something for the first time together, that’s like a special Bond. Or I’m just delusional from sleep deprivation. Yeah, that’s probably it.

2 thoughts on “Car sharing cherry

  1. I often wonder why cars have become such symbols of freedom and individuality … but I have read this is changing now and less common with younger people.

    1. That is an interesting phenomenon. When I was 16, the first cel phones became widely available (Nokia 3310 if you care about the model). This wasn’t as impressive as having a license for small motorbikes (A1) with 125 ccm. By the time I turned 18, some cell phones had a crude mp3 player with 128 MB of memory. Not useful, and not as impressive as a car, which about a third of my classmates then owned. The mobile phone took another 4 years to catch up to the car in respect to status, now life without one is unthinkable, while the car has become specialized equipment for those who can’t make do with public transportation.

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