Mood Killers

I’m not actually going to talk about stuff that kills my good mood, but more about computer games that feature violence… lots of violence… and gore…

Now I kinda don’t think your regular soccer mom reads my blog, but still, I should reassure my dear readers that I am not a psychopathic killer. Quite the contrary, actually; I am what Wikipedia calls a semi-pacifist (for those who are too lazy to follow the link: I never initiate violence, but I react to aggressive and violent behaviour). I have never fired a live firearm, and hopefully I never will. But I do very much like to blow off steam with extremely violent games. And I don’t give a sh*t what kind of opponent I am shredding with what weapon, all I want to see is blood, gore and suffering in high definition and with a good degree of anatomical correctness (or, in case of aliens, plausible anatomical fantasy), supported by macho one liners.

So, the latest game to lift my bloody spirit is the new Prototype 2.In  the sequel to Prototype, which was already good fun with biomorphic weapons, blood, gore, and a rather bleak background story, a deadly, mutagenic virus threatens to eradicate the population of NYC, and after that, eventually, the world. I haven’t quite finished the game yet, but if it’s anything like the first part, I will have to stop this madness in order to exact my revenge on the person who killed my wife and daughter and infected me with the virus. In the first game, the protagonist wasn’t all that interested in stopping the disease – in fact, the protagonist form the first game seems to be the antagonist of the second. And even though the protagonist in the second game causes massive collateral damage, he seems genuinely concerned with the well-being of the innocent and with stopping the outbreak.

Unlike many sequels, which are bad copies of the beloved first game, Prototype 2 is definitely an improvement over the first, game-play wise. I should charge the publisher of Prototype 2 for everyone who reads this post… This is almost a bloody advertisement. So, before you go buying it, make sure you are not ambushed by angry soccer moms who blame computer games for their kids’ emotional dullness

peace out!


2 thoughts on “Mood Killers

  1. Ah, parents who blame video games… How I missed those. There’s something called “rating”, not sure they’ve heard of it.

    This post made me want to know more about Prototype 1 and 2 so I looked them up on Wikipedia. Not buying them yet but your advertisement worked. Good job!

    1. not totally unrelated, it reminds me that I still want to write something about narcissism. Thing is, I’d essentially just be repeating other people, and my sense of achievement tells me that on something so elemental, I want to present the world something new

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