That’s the way the money goes…

It really is paradox how I think of gambling. On occasion I have played cards and dice with friends, purely for fun, once or twice there were stakes involved, but no more than 5€ per person. The paradox part is where I see life itself as a great gamble. There are few certainties, many assumptions, most of them false and no way to know, winners, loosers, takers, leavers, strategies and tactics, many rules and even more transgressions thereof. I was sitting in the pub, waiting for my best friend to return home from work, and not much to do. A few patrons played at the flashy game machines, and I felt like I may have a lucky hand after I had observed and analyzed.

So why didn’t I play?

Mommy told me not to. I don’t think that was the reason. I do far more dangerous things than gambling, all of which “mommy” told me not to do. Also, I don’t have an addictive personality. I get curious, I try it out, and never or rarely touch it ever again. OK, not so with alcohol, but I’m only a social consumer.

It’s a waste of money. Not the case, either, I’m afraid. In the end, what isn’t or is a waste of money? How does one define a waste of money? If you think you thought of the perfect example, think again; there is an aspect to the spending that makes it purposeful, or wasteful. Money has become rather abstract in our consumption oriented society, in our casino economy.

It’s not social. I’m afraid that isn’t exactly a threshold for me. I can sit in front of a computer for hours, without any contact to the real world or a virtual community, in a single player game. I will surface for a few minutes to go to the supermarket and buy some pizza, but that rarely results in social intercourse.

I’m afraid. Of what?

I wouldn’t feel like I earned the money if I actually won. Who cares?

It wouldn’t make me feel like a man. I have other methods for that.

Feel free to submit other possible reasons in the comment section so I can discard them…


2 thoughts on “That’s the way the money goes…

  1. How about : “I don’t want the money I lose to end up in someone else’s pockets”?

    Losing to your friends isn’t exactly gratifying but at least you know where the money goes.

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