Hangover: Remedy

Let me answer that question for you: Of course I am. Hung over. How did it happen, you ask? Obviously, I’ve been drinking. Specifics? Well, there’s this bakery downtown, and they have brewing rights, so every now and then they open their courtyard to the public to sell beer and frankonian specialty food. The beer is awesome! Dark, heavy, unfiltered beer with a light smokey touch, roughly ground smoked ham sausages and dense, aromatic rye bread. You can imagine whyI would stay in a place like that…

I dare say I have tried quite a few hangover remedies, considering that I do like to drink. Egg vegetable shake? tried it. Raw eggs are not the problem there, but the effect it has is pure myth. Good for muscle growth, though. Cola? It works, in vast quantities, but not the light version, and I don’t want to get type II diabetes just yet. Eat the bear before it eats you? Not really, since it can easily lead to a perpetual state of drunkenness, and at some time I want to get back behind a steering wheel; also, alcoholics often suffer from erectile dysfuntion, so not really worth it.

Buttermilk. Cheap and effective. 29 eurocents for 500g, plenty of electrolytes and natural sugar. I really do pity the lactose intolerant.

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