On my mind

What really is on my mind: I’ve got this feeling I should write something. I don’t know what, I just know this feeling isn’t going to let me go, and if I don’t satisfy this urge, I am going to be very miserable. I usually have better ideas when I’m miserable. It’s like I have […]

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Zombies vs. Robots

While I was writing – or, trying to write – my best buddy was playing an FPS game on his high end computer, Hard Reset. It is about a person who shoots lots of robots, and there was that scene in the game where he went through the recycling facility. The narrator, or, in this […]

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I am… Occupied

About a year ago, I was sitting in a conference hall in Berlin, Germany, discussing exactly this issue. Since I was an intern on the discussion team, I was charged with writing the introductory thoughts to this discussion, and I thought it might suit the situation. Is Capitalism failing? In the light of recent events […]

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