Calendar Boy

Is there any logical, plausible way to rate a season, or a month? I guess it depends on a person’s priorities. I’ll just give it a try, brainstorm what any month or the other means to me.

· January: Beginning of the new year. I often feel very up then, with lots of good intentions. Also, it’s the coldest month in the year. I like the cold. I like snow, ice and the biting wind. It’s when I feel the most alive.

· February: Carnival is what comes to my mind first. Dressing up, rehearsing ridiculous plays, drinking copious amounts of alcohol without ever having a bad conscience. Well, not entirely. I am currently rectifying the reputation I gained in previous Februaries.

· March: Hey, my birth month! It’s beginning to get warm, but not too warm, yet. Even though I really like the cold and snow, I can’t stop nature as my body feels stronger and my creativity gets a boost as well

· April: The Chaos Month. Also, some of my favorite TV series are continued in April!

· May: the warmth is still tolerable, but my creativity is somewhat stunted as the nights grow shorter…

· June: Fire department festivals! Free alcohol for everyone! Hangover parties all around! Also, the bathing season is slowly starting where I live.

· July: Too hot for me. This would be the perfect time for me to go to New Zealand; in lack of money, I just occupy the nearest water hole.

· August: Did I say July was too hot? I am a roman fountain at 25°C, now it’s beyond 30! – for those who don’t know metric, I’m talking about 75 to 85. It’s about time I moved to Norway, or Iceland…

· September: Finally it’s cooling down, and throughout the month, TV series are opening their new seasons

· October: Harvest; beer, bread, pumpkins, Halloween!

· November: cold, but damp, and no snow yet. Many people get the autumn blues around now, and I need to isolate myself from them or else I go down, too

· December: Oh joy, X-Mas and New Year’s Eve, with a decent chance of snow. So much to eat, I regularly gain 5 kg (12 lbs) which I lose in the first two weeks of January, so nothing for me to fear! Again, there is a lot of partying and drinking, and I am still fighting my bad reputation from 10 years of abusive behavior towards alcohol

So, by elimination, August is the first to go. Bye, cya! Closely followed by November, don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out! Next to go is probably July, then June and May pretty much together. With April then there’s 6 down and five more to go. Now it is getting hard to decide, since I really like Halloween, New Year’s Eve, the spring vigor, the icy cold of January and dressing up for carnival. But maybe Carnival is just too jaded for me, since there are some 15 different parties with far too much a cry for nothing and forced funny play (well, not so much forced with all the alcohol involved, but still too formalized). So, February is next to go. Hm, totally forgot September. She should be proud of getting into the quarter finals, with all the red and yellow leaves, but it just doesn’t compare to October’s golden fields and Halloween, which I will have to let go of, too, now that I compare it to ALL THE YUMMY FOOD IN DECEMBER! So, December vs. January and the winner vs. March. Turkey, pumpkin pie, eggnog, presents, but also Christmas carols and church service… well I guess it’s the price one has to pay to see the whole fam damily… I guess December wins over January… March, on the other hand, still has my Birthday, also with an abundance of presents, and while the beginning of December is still pretty much like November, March is still pretty cool until the equinox; I have often had a white birthday, and as much as I love my family, I really mostly prefer my friends’ company. Also, I don’t have to fight any bad reputation when it’s my birthday; I simply don’t have to give a flying f*ck.

So, in the end, March wins. I don’t hide much, in general, but in March, I can be myself entirely, whatever that means.

Peace out!

7 thoughts on “Calendar Boy

  1. Hey! We’re birth month buddies!

    Not sure I’d go with March as well, I’ll have to think about it. Too many things to think about, these days @_@

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