Because all ways are my way

Yeah, I thought that might get your attention. Who doesn’t love the Queen of Hearts in Alice’s Wonderland? Oh, don’t all raise your hands at once!

So, today’s prompt is about decisions, again. I like the one’s about decisions. Decisions are on most peoples’ minds, from small decisions, like what to have for breakfast, to the really big ones, like what to study, whom to date, whether or not to have children. A lot of those decisions are made for us, though. Sometimes we can fight that, sometimes we don’t even know these decisions are being made. So, here’s the task of today’s prompt:

Describe the one decision in your life where you wish you could get a “do-over.” Tell us about the decision, and why you’d choose to take a different path this time around.

I have said somewhere that I don’t really do “what-if’s”. Well, that was obviously a lie. A necessary lie, because I need a lot of convincing that there isn’t anything to regret in my life, that I am who and where I am because of what I’ve done. Well, the reason why it is necessary is because the past cannot be changed. At least, I am not aware of an invention that would grant me that ability. It is futile to think about the impossible. Now you might say that only a small mind would dismiss as impossible what is outside of their experience. I got that from a Computer Game. Those of you who have played TESV: Skyrim will know what I’m talking about. I have spent a middle to high digit number of hours in that game, so I am rather familiar with that. I digress.

So, maybe I am small-minded. I don’t believe so. But maybe I’m just arrogant that way. Who cares. That’s not what this is about. This is about what I would do over, given the chance. Maybe it would change everything, maybe nothing.

The decision I made was something I did when I was weak of will. It wasn’t even really my decision. I was being mentally conditioned at the time, manipulated. The person who did it thought it was for my own good. How were they supposed to know what is for my good? They didn’t even know for sure what is for their own good. I’m not saying it was all bad what happened, but it was just another useless delusion.

If I could do it over again, I would have never joined a fraternity. Those were 18 months of my life I am not getting back, where I did not move ahead I left them after they had twisted me beyond my recognizing myself, and most of my so-called friends in there didn’t even care to look at me after I left their club.

I’m not saying no-one else should ever join a fraternity. Just don’t try to fit in when you fell it’s not yours. That goes for pretty much every other kind of club, too.


2 thoughts on “Because all ways are my way

  1. Very interesting! Who was it that convinced you to join? Someone with big breasts? Or did his name just sound like that? Oh my poor white son! Why are you condemned to make the same mistakes I have made? Why is it so hard to be true to ones own self? It is because it is so hard to know who we really are and where we really belong – and where we don’t belong!

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