New Phone

Usually, I wouldn’t write about stuff I’ve done, bought or said recently. So, why am I telling you this? I’m certainly not doing it for the sake of bragging. That is what I believe is behind people posting all of their inane kunk on Facebook, which I do not want for WordPress. I have mentioned before that Facebook is the devil’s work. Not that I believe in the devil; that would require me to believe in god. It’s just a figure of speech. I digress.

Now you know why I’m not writing about my new phone. I’m writing about how a person’s take on something can change quite radically. I didn’t need a smartphone. Why would I? I knew from my best friend and flatmate that they could be quite useful, but from my colleagues at work that they could be just as much of a distraction. If there’s something you can’t use at work, it’s something that hogs your attention. So, I did a bit of observing before I got myself a smartphone: The most common and annoying distractions, which my colleagues using smartphones were occupied with, were games. Now, don’t get me wrong. There ain’t nothing wrong with games in general. I waste a lot of my time playing games. My own time, which I can waste any way I see fit. Those smartphone games, they’re f-ing addictive. Whether they’re competitive or cooperative, that don’t matter. You’re always thinking about them. You can’t not think of playing. It begins as a welcome distraction, when the goings are slow. And because a single game itself isn’t engaging enough, you’re easily up to four of them. I am familiar with this; when I was unemployed, I played lots of browser games. Again, my own time. I could have worked on my novel, then. And working seems like a better way to procrastinate on my writing… I digress.

Getting a smartphone was still one of the better ideas I’ve had. I swore I wouldn’t install any attention-consuming games on it, and I usually stick to that kind of resolution. Accordingly, I mostly use my smartphone for the purpose of conveniently checking my mail, looking up addresses on Google maps, booking appointments and keeping up with blogs I follow on WordPress, which is all the distraction I need. Ans typing ain’t too horrible, either…


4 thoughts on “New Phone

  1. I haven’t got a smartphone. I have resisted all the pressure people seem to apply upon me to have one. I actually enjoy being the only person I know without whatsapp and every other social network – at my fingertips! I have an iPad, but only use it for E reading and if there is free wi-fi! Technology for me is so over-rated 🙂 However, I hope you enjoy your purchase.

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