Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare

Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy? Now, this is pretty much an exercise in ethical philosophy. You may think it is a simple one. I have mentioned this dilemma in my introductory post to my post series on Practical Ethics, which I will definitely continue once I get my […]

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rational vs. real

I love this one. For those who don’t get get it: There are plenty of how-to’s to understand this one on the net, and they do a better job of explaining it than what I could do in my, well, not so limited time during the night shift. So, yeah, I do have the time […]

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Strange Religious Politics

“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree? I disagree. What do you think I do here, on my blog? Of those who follow my blog, who REALLY knows me. Who knows me at all. If anyone of you are friends of mine on […]

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