A matter of some import

It’s been quite a while since my dear readers had any news from me, so I’ll give you a quick update before I pitch you the reason of my return to WordPress.

Since my last post, which I published well more than a year ago, much has happened: The UK voted to leave the EU, Donald Trump has been voted President of the USA, and yours truly has found true love. Yes, true love is the reason why I haven’t published any misery and booze fuelled rants. I have only 7 more shifts left in my job as a security guard before my last vacation begins and I start the process of moving in with my fiancé… In the Dominican Republic.

Yes, I am moving to the Dominican Republic. Yes, I speak Spanish (now). I’ve been learning and practicing with my fiancé for the past year every day. My fiancé Yenny is from Santiago de los Caballeros, and she is the most beautiful woman in the world. And I’m not just saying that because I’m head over heels in love with her. She really is beautiful, with make-up and without. Naturally, as a thoroughbred latin girl, she wouldn’t be caught dead outside of her home without make-up. No, this isn’t racist, it’s just a cultural trait. I digress.

I say girl but really she’s a woman. She already has an absolutely adorable daughter who just turned 12 in October. She wants more children, which I am happy to help her with, since I want them, too, help raise and provide for them.

Naturally, I will need a source of income for that purpouse. I’m not poor, and we can live off my savings for a few months in the Dominican Republic. I’m already looking for employment, but there is this project I’ve been researching and preparing since Yenny told me about the frequent power outages in Santiago. This project which is, as the title of this post suggests, a matter of quite some import, and which I am about to tell you about: A solar power installation.

Not only would this solar power installation provide ample funds to support my family if it works out, but it would also provide relatively clean energy for a region that is otherwise completely dependent on importing millions over millions of barrels of crude oil from Venezuela mostly. Naturally, I don’t have the funds to finance an entire solar power installation capable of generating sufficient revenue to be my sole professional focus, and banks are sceptical of me, my vision, and anything to do with the Dominican Republic. Which is why I turned to KickStarter to receive the necesary funding. Naturally, depending on how much funding I receive – if any – I will upscale the project accordingy. If you like, you can review the details of the project on its KickStarter page


I would be very happy if you helped me spread the message, and overjoyed if any of you contributed to the project by backing me


4 thoughts on “A matter of some import

  1. Its been so long since you posted!! I’m so happy to read about your wonderful updates. Its great news👍☺
    Solar power is fantastic, we too have a couple of solar panels at home, works amazing ☺
    Wishing you the very best in life and other projects!!☺

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