All You Need

So, my family knows, so now it’s time to tell my dear readers. I have recently gotten back into the game. Yeah, that game. And since I am not really the guy, I tend to overthink stuff. I think of all kinds of stuff to talk about, and what to say when the really hard questions come out. I mean the kind of question that sounds so simple, but it’s really vague, and there is no right answer but all kinds of wrong ones. One of these questions, very popular in our day and age, is “what do you need?”. Because we are a very needy society, and we want to know what people need, so we can give them that, or at least know beforehand if we can give them what they need, or if we want to give that which they need. There are so many different answers to this question, and to find a – or even the – right one, we need to take a better look at the question.

Did I just say “we need”? I guess I did. We are expressing a necessity of action in order to achieve a goal. Without a goal, the question makes no sense. It is a fundamentally utilitarian problem. But since nobody ever says anything else but “what do you need”, it is up to the one who gives the answer to guess the purpose. They, of course, either don’t think that there is any other purpose than the one they’re thinking about, or they think it’s just so obvious what they mean. I can always say “I need something to eat/drink”. I’m always hungry, and since I ride my bike everywhere, I squeeze in a glass of water wherever I can. That might be interpreted as humor, because it’s also obvious, but obviously not what they mean. What else do I need? More money doesn’t hurt, but need it? I’ve learned to make due with what I have, also that’s not what they mean. What do I need them to be? That’s getting closer to what they mean. Maybe that’s even what they’re thinking, but that would imply that gthey would need to emulate or even change into something they are not to further my self-actualization, and potentially give up their own. I don’t want to enslave anyone to my ego, that wouldn’t make anyone happy. Happiness. That sounds like a worthwhile goal, and the reason why I got back into the game at all. I want to be happy. So, I answered the question before it was even asked. All I need is Love. All you need is Love.

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