A Conflict

Conflict is everywhere in the world. Some conflict is good. It is necessary for progress and evolution. The conflict that isn’t necessary is harmful and saddening. A conflict that puzzles every rational person rages in a far away country. Technically, there are many such conflicts. But the conflict I am talking about has cost me 150 potential friends. Potential, because I don’t know if I would have ever met them. Friends, because had we met, we would have shared many laughs and tears over a few beers.

The people who killed them said Allah is great. They screamed it from to tops of their lungs as they cocked their guns. But they knew not what that means. How could they? They claimed that they were doing this for Allah, but if he exists, he will show them the wounds they have caused him. He will show them his grief for his 150 sons and daughters, who’s lives they’ve mowed down. Then he will invite them into his paradise, where they will all dine together, knowing the errors of their way.

I may not believe in god, an immortal soul, and paradise in the afterlife. But I believe in forgiveness. While we must secure ourselves as good as possible from future tragedies of this kind, we must find it in our hearts to forgive the terrorists, for our own sakes. Everything else would be a victory of fear.

13 thoughts on “A Conflict

  1. Agree very much or the different types on conflict, Nicolite! That is why I have been blogging for peace and trying to rid misconceptions. There is much love and good change, e.g. UN is eradicating poverty by 2030, but less awareness. People focus on the bad, do not discern, falls to the seductive argument for extremism.

      1. We look for the relevant truth. The relevant truth is we are making a great historical positive change and statement by helping the weakest. We only need people to look outwards and see billions rise out of hunger, poverty and despair. To rid unwarranted negativity and selfishness.

      2. Yes, I love your post “The Refugees!” There are solutions, but we need to see clearly w/o tint! I love your insights for good solutions, do keep them coming and share them frequently.

      3. “The Refugees” was the post on what would be rational and sensible, and I love that you l&c’d 🙂 the irrational impression is “Fear, Anger, Hate and Aggression”. Also, thanks for the kind words 🙂

      1. You’re welcome dear! Ohkay it’s provided that you’re not armed but why are conflicts good.. sorry but I don’t agree to some limits!

      2. Look on a worldy basis conflicts are bad.. but in a relationship it is necessary so to decide whether conflicts are good or bad we should be provided about what are we talking or rather discussing then only we can decide it properly.

        Keep Smiling! 🙂

      3. The conflict in this post definitely is a terrible one, true. But I was part of some political and social crises which were resolved democratically, without violence. Just a little social disobedience…

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