Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Buffy Experience transcends TV. It is a social phenomenon. Buffy started when I was just a teen, and ran until I was a young adult, and it has affected virtually all of my peers. It polarized my entire peer group. It wasn’t about whether the show was good or bad. It was revolutionary. It was whether a boy could watch it, because the hero of the show was a girl. Teenagers, I know. Even though I couldn’t watch the show when I was a teenager – we didn’t have pay TV when I was a kid – I felt the effects of this show in School. If you were a boy, and wanted to be cool, you didn’t watch it. If you wanted to watch it, and remain cool, best do it in secret. But I was excluded from the discussion because I never knew what it was about. But that’s ok, I watched all of it later on the internet. And I pity anyone who missed out on it because they wanted to be cool. Because it’s a really very good show. Again, teenagers…


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