The show’s pretense: the (self-acclaimed) best forensic anthropologist in the world solves the really tough crimes for the FBI. Also, due to her accomplishments in her field, everyone just calls her “Bones”. She is quite slender, but not skinny enough to refer to her appearance as boney. While the crime solving does make the majority of the show, there’s a very strong dramatic background. Everyone in the main and supporting cast has an intense background story with different dramatic foci, and they are regularly the basis of a case the team works on. At times, it feels somewhat put on, but hey, it’s TV, so what do you expect? But overall, the show is watchable by anyone, in a good way. Many shows that try to service a wide variety of watchers fail, but bones pulls it off. Though thy should not have “amped up” their theme melody. That always makes me cringe


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