Battlestar Galactica (2004)

I’m going here completely by memory from a time in which my memories are quite sparse, and the ones I do have are foggy. I drank a lot, smoked lots of THC and I was quite directionless. The clearest ones are of me hurting people -emotionally, I didn’t get into any physical altrucations – and of TV shows that touched me, or had hot girls. BSG 2004 did both for me. Survival Dramas have an intensity about them that is simply captivating, they bring out the best and the worst in the characters in a high frequency alteration. The political dimension with the thinly veiled authoritarianism fit very well into the setting, especially the part that the leaders themselves believed the lies they fed the civilian populatioon, for the sake of keeping the human race and their traditions alive. Ok, politicians lying to the people is a time-honored tradition, but I digress.

What totally didn’t sit with me were the last few episodes, when they got all weird religious on the show. Religion – monotheistic artificials v politheistic humans – was always a strong motif throughout the show, but up until the last season it was all just in the people’s heads, like it should be, and not actually out there in the universe, overtly guiding their collective fate. Well, except for the Kobol episode, but that could be interpreted as a religiously coded waypoint and a little dramatic coincident.

Grace Park (Boomer), the cute one, actually went on to another top show as a full cast member (Hawaii Five-O rebooted), while the others don’t seem to make much of a ruckus anymore. I saw EJ Olmos in Dexter for a few EP’s, and I think I saw the guy who played the original arch-nemesis Gaius Baltar somewhere – if I could just remember… and Cara Thrace (Actresses Name?) of course as a Cameo on The Big Bang Theory. I guess Tricia Helfer went back to modelling full time.


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