The Pit

Just a few days ago I wrote about my shit meter, and how it was so far in the red that only really gross comparisons, too gross to be appropriate here, would befit the amount of shit piled up under the meter. All of that is gone.

So, what is powerful enough to wash away all that shit without cheating Zeus (that’s right, Herakles, he wanted you to suffer, and you were just smart to his face)? The Answer is: lots uf undirected, pointless violence. I did, what I do best to unwind: I went to a Heavy Metal concert, and jumped into the middle of the Mosh Pit.

For those readers who don’t know what a Mosh Pit is: It’s a circle in the audience in which a part of the audience are wildly jumping, pushing, shoving each other. It is somewhat painfull, you might accidentally bang your head into something or someone else’s head – participants in the Mosh Pit are called Headbangers – and you might even fall down or tumble over someone who has fallen down.

For those of you who don’t understand why anyone would enjoy Headbanging: it’s raw, it’s primal, driven by adrenaline, numbed by alcohol. It’s hella fun! And even though it is primal, raw, violent and painful, it is also very social. You fall over, and maybe someone will tumble over you, but for everyone who does fall over there are three people to help them back to their feet.

My entire body is aching from all the bumping and banging, and I am quite exhausted, but if there was another concert tomorrow, and another Mosh Pit, I certainly wouldn’t go! I’m getting too old for that shit! But every once jn a while, the joy is worth the pain


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