Fear, Anger, Hate and Suffering

That’s the path to the dark side. A dark side we are experiencing very much in Europe right now. The Statistical Institute of Germany and the Asylum Authority had to correct the number of refugees expected to arrive in Germany this year to over half a Million. Oh, that’d not be the bad part. I don’t mind the refugees. If I’d been a Jew fleeing from the Nazis 70 to 80 years ago, I wouldn’t want a country like the US closing its gates on me. I’d hope the Pope in the Vatican would be compassionate and take in my family until we could reunite somewhere safe. Germany – Europe as a whole – should be that safe haven, to my mind. But not everyone is as welcoming as I am.

I just read Steve’s new post asking if altruism exists. And I thought to myself: Why aren’t more people generally altruistic and compassionate? What would keep people from helping other people in dire need? And then my mind saw the pictures before my inner eye: Refugee homes burned, sprayed with Swastikas and hateful paroles. Why would anyone do this? What is strong enough to make people risk our national reputation as peace-loving, fair, ecologically inclined do-gooders?

People are afraid. They are afraid that our politicians will save everyone else but them. What little outlook they have in life is being ripped away from them and given to complete strangers. This fear makes them susceptible to Angermongers and Demagogues. They feel powerless at the flood of refugees, and their anger gives them the feeling of power. They have to live from Hartz IV, while the refugees are granted an unbiased allowance on top of having a place to stay. They rationalize their anger, and it turns to hate. Hate for the refugees. Hate for Germany. Hate for themselves. These parasites will not live in our midst. We must destroy their quarters and scare them away. Maybe if they stop coming, Germany will take care of US instead of THEM. But they don’t go away. More are coming by the minute. Maybe if they can spread the hate, they can muster enough forces to drive them out permanently. Intimidate those who would harbor the refugees. Recruit more angry people. The Hate spreads, as does the suffering on all sides.

Luckily, there are still many sensible, compassionate people in Germany who only see the suffering the refugees just escaped, and try to help alleviate that. Many more than there are fearful, angry haters who cause more suffering. But they are cause for alarm. Deep within us, there always lurks fear, which can make us prey to anger and hatred. Even the most decent person in the world must be on guard.


5 thoughts on “Fear, Anger, Hate and Suffering

  1. “The people” who commit hate crimes against refugees are an infinitesimal minority of Germans. Many more Germans are concerned about the chaotic way Germany and the rest of Europe are handling the problem, but they are not going to start throwing molotov coctails at refugees.

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