Cold Coffee

Makes you pretty, they say. Of course, this isn’t necessarily true. It’s a result of cognitive dissonance. When you make buttloads of coffe, some of it is bound to go cold, and commercial coffee tastes aweful when it’s cold. But it still has the effect of enhancing concentration, and if you don’t want to be wasteful, you’ll drink it, consoling yourself that additionally to enhancing your level of alertness, it will do the same to your looks.

I recently moved to a new apartment, so I bought a breakfast center combining a water boiler, a toaster, and a coffe machine in a single device. It looks really cool, is cheaper than if I bought all three devices seperately, it uses less space and, most importantly, needs only one electrical outlet. I don’t drink much coffee, because usually, I don’t even really like the flavor of hot commercial coffee. You might suggest I drink it with milk/cream and sugar, but that just made it worse. So, I thought, while I won’t be drinking much coffee myself, I still want to be a good host and offer coffee addicts their beverage of preference, and since I don’t expect to be hosting entire parties of coffe addicts every day, I might as well buy organically produced coffee. It costs roughly twice as much as the commercial brands of higher quality, but that’s not going to kill me, right?

Yesterday then, my brother and a few friends helped me move some furniture to my new apartment, so I cooked up some of the organic coffee. I totally forgot that my brother doesn’t drink his coffee without milk and sugar, both of which I didn’t have at the new place. And everyone else politely declined to drink more than a cup, so naturally, half of the pot went cold. Yes, I know what a thermos can is. No, I don’t have one yet. No, I won’t be needing one any time soon. Because I discovered that the organically produced coffee even tastes ok when it’s gone cold. Better than commercial hot coffee.

I’m not going to go all organic on your asses, because as a lifestyle, I just couldn’t afford it. But most organic products simply taste better, and a satisfying, full flavor is about as important for your overall health as regular, fulfilling sex

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