Heil to the Queen!

I am not usually interested in Royals, famous people, movie stars, whatevs. But this Hitler greeting has twisted a lot of panties, it seems. And rightfully, I might add. Not rightfully because the Royal Family of the United Kingdom are depraved Nazi sympathizers. I’d have to have my head checked if I believed that. The video was taken 8 decades ago. 3 years before Nazi Germany illegally invaded Eastern Ukraine Poland. Three years ago you’ve got Barack Obama and Angela Merkel hugging Vladimir Putin. What do Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin have in common? They’re charismatic, intelligent, ambitious sociopaths. They both had the rest of the world fooled on the magnitude of their agenda, and their resolve to see it through. Most of the World still doesn’t recognize the danger Putin poses as long as there are strings attached to the tips of his fingers. Yet outside of Russia, we are powerless to act, as was the case until Hitler started his March of Destruction.

So, why do I think that people ARE getting their panties in a twist for a good reason? Even though Hitler was manipulating the World, it was well known what his position on so-called Subhumans was. We’ve known the same thing about Putin’s stance on all kinds of people who don’t fit into his very special World. For. Fifteen. F**king. Years. If Putin offered me his Hand, I would take it only to break it. Don’t see much of that on TV when world leaders meet him at some summit, do we?

Our panties are rightfully twisted, because our political elite are cowards. We are represented by cowards. And we are cowards for collectively sitting on our hands, staring at our screens, mouths wide open, yet silent.

2 thoughts on “Heil to the Queen!

  1. Ooooh…..angry young man! Maybe Putin dreams of restoring the Soviet Union, but I don’t think he is quite as psychotic as Hitler was. If he were, the Ukraine would have long been invaded and restored to Russian rule.

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