Solidarity for Greece

As my regular readers know, I live in Germany. Every day at work I read (with due contempt) the BILD Zeitung. If you don’t know what that is, it is a paper infamous for being the greatest source of half truths and propaganda in Germany. I read it because I am left with little else to do, especially during the night shifts. Currently, the biggest story is about our chancellor, Angela Merkel, stuffing our tax money up the ass of a government that will never be able to pay us back just to keep it in the Euro Zone. The Bild Zeitung doesn’t go any further into Angela Merkel’s motivation to keep Greece in Europe than that Greece is the cradle of western civilization, i.e. it’s a matter of prestige. Of course, Angela Merkel is not as one-dimensional and vain as that. Greece is on the brink of collapse, and all its debt means someone sunk a very big load of money and wants that back. Should greece collapse, the creditors can kiss most of that money good bye. And what are they going to do, send the Mafia to break all legs in Greece? All of that debt going to ground would be a terrible blow to the european economy, and given its size, the ripples toward the world economy might prove desastrous.

But, the way Merkel is going is not working. There’s nothing to be taken from the Greek mean population. Their economy is in ruins. Half a Generation in Greece is already lost. The other half is being supported by their grandparents’ pensions, which are meagre and taking a turn to the worse, thanks to the "reforms" imposed upon Greece by the other European National Leaders. But there are rich People in Greece, who have profited for a very long time from administration after administration playing favors while lining their pockets. Even without calling for socialistic wealth distribution, the taxes they owe after hiding their wealth in various countries should be ginormous. Probably not enough to satisfy the creditors, but definitely a start. It would be better, however, to put off that debt until economic sanity is restored in Greece, no matter how long that takes. The reformation process will likely take a generation’s time or two, but it will happen eventually.

So, should it be Germany who buys Greece these two generations? Why not? Our economy not only eclipses the Greek economy, but also its debt. We could absorb all of it without losing our excellent rating with Standard & Poor’s, basically making Greece the 17th federal state of Germany if we did that. As a matter of fact, Greece used to be ruled by a Bavarian once. Bavarians are not known for their austerity, but for their very powerful economy that defies the idiocy of its ruling Party, the CSU. No, I am not actually proposing that Germany alone take on the Greek matter. It’s not a German or a Greek problem, it’s a European problem, and Europe needs to get its act together. Together being the operating factor.

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