A new path

So, recently I rode my bike to a nice swimming pond near Nuremberg. It was a 10 mile ride, the sun was shining, it was about 85°F and I had a terrible sun burn to show for when I returned home after 6 hours. Since I followed the instructions from google maps, which lead me along the river, it was also a nice ride in the shade of the trees near the banks, and for most of the time I had no traffic lights to worry about. Traffic lights are terrible. I hate them as a pedestrian, as a car driver, and as a cyclist. It’s not so much the waiting that bugs me. It’s just the total waste of fuel – when I’m driving – and it totally disrupts my training as a cyclist. Every time I have to stop at a traffic light, my legs get an opportunity to rest, and if I want to survive an Iron Man contest, I need to be able to cycle non-stop for 110 miles in less than 6 hours. I know, it sounds crazy. It IS crazy. But so am I. Anyway,at some point, the path to the swimming pond intersects with my usual route to work, so I thought to myself: if I take the riverside route to work, I’ll have a better workout EVERY DAY! Plus, it’s a slight detour of a bit over a mile, so another little workout bonus. I tried this new route to work, and on account of waiting less at traffic lights, the time it takes to work is the same on both routes. But boy did my legs feel like rubber when I got home this morning! I could barely climb the stairs up to my appartment on the 4th floor. It’s magnificent! If I keep this training pace up, I will definitely be able to compete in a major regional event soon. And now we are getting to the metaphorical dimension of this post. I cancelled my transit card, so I will be forced to ride my bike everywhere around town if I don’t want to spend a buttload of money on public transportation. Riding my bike not only ensures my physical and mental health, it also saves me 700 euros per year in public transportation costs – 700 Euros which I can put to very good use. Also, I can eat whatever I want and as much as I like without putting on. An hour of riding my bike ~ 2 kWh, so every day I spend 3 kWh = 2.5 kcal… AS MUCH AS THE DIETARY RECOMMENDATION FOR A 180 lbs MAN on bicycling alone.

Ok, I guess I am certifiably crazy. But if you want to be even a little successfull as an athlete, crazy is an occupational hazard.


4 thoughts on “A new path

  1. Most people who are extraordinarily successful at something or achieve great fame – usually they are a little crazy – or to put it into more scientific language – it’s a neurotic compensation for something in thier lives that they are lacking. But whatever – GO FOR IT!

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