Nineteen eighty HIGH-FIVE!

can you high-five your birth year? The moment I publish this post, it will be around midnight on the 23rd of March 2015 in Germany, where I live. I will have just turned 30.

Ten years ago, I finished School. It was normal then to finish School age 20. Higher education used to be something that wasn’t rushed. Now it’s all about speeding the process so academics can spend two or three more years making money (and tax money, and retirement fund money…). Maybe this should have been done 30 years ago. Not many politicians in our Federal Parliament had their masters degree when they were 23 years old. Well, I’m one to talk. I aborted both my Physics Diploma and my Bachelor of Anthropology. I don’t know if I ever am going back to the University, either to finish one of the above, or for something new entirely. I believe I am slowly acquiring the discipline that is necessary for studying. I have mentioned that discipline hasn’ t been my ally in times past. It wasn’t required from me until it was too late.

20 years ago, I was a dork. A cute little dork, for sure. I had a friend then who was, in many aspects, the complete opposite of me. I was cautious, careful, timid. I was often a victim on the schoolyard. I didn’t understand what a pecking order was. I didn’t understand why other kids were mean to me. I also wasn’t mean to the new classmates who had to repeat the school year. My friend was one of them. I was intelligent and timid. He was courageous and not that intelligent. Some would say stupid. But he was honorable and good natured. Maybe a tad arrogant and narcissistic, but nobody’s perfect, you know. He taught me that fighting can be fun. And we fought a lot. We also worked out together. Our idol then was the WWF Wrestler “The Undertaker”. I was never a victim again. I have him to thank for.

30 years ago, I was born. I was a rather large baby. Definitely bigger than my Brother before me or my sister after me. I had a few abnormalities, but that is pretty much my life.

7 thoughts on “Nineteen eighty HIGH-FIVE!

  1. I was there 30 years ago when you appeared all purple and squishy. And I can guess who it was 20 years ago – the word narcissistic gives it away! He caught the trout in the pond and then gave it to you to bring home – his parents would have wanted to know where he got it from!

  2. Happy birthday!! Believe it or not – I have considered to write a post called High-Five, referring to memorable events in 1995 and 2005 🙂

    I know many people who studied “late in life” while they wre working full-time – so it’s never too late!

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