I know, this is something that many people talk about. there are as many different perspectives on this emotion as there are people who write about it. I don’t want to say anything about their qualifications, because everybody experiences this, more than love, or joy, or happiness. It is the most primordial emotion at all. I just want to share my perspective on this emotion.

As I have mentioned, it is the most primordial emotion. It is the first thing a being with a nervous system knows. It is what keeps us alive. It feeds directly into our biochemical imperative to stay alive and produce offspring. Love is a far more younger evolutionary step. I am not saying inferior, because Love ideally overrides fear, but younger.

What I mean to say is, that if there are no other emotions involved in our lives, fear is impossible to suppress. Fear is always with us. We can dull the fear. We can imbibe substances, we can squirt them into our veins, we can inhale them and snort them. I am currently slightly drunk (ca. 0.1%), which inhibits my fear of writing something stupid. I might even be uninhibited enough to ask a random girl out on a date, if I weren’t sitting at my computer. I know I am not going to do anything of the likes because I want to save money, which means I am drinking at home and not going to a pub, where I might meet said lovely young lady. Not like I’ve met any suitable partners at a pub, but drinking at home is also kind of pathetic. I digress.

Anyway, I usually suppress (many of) my emotions. It’s mostly easy. It’s the “manly thing”. And fear is not always fear. We learn how to cope with different fears during our childhood and adolescence. I never learned how to deal with the fear of having my feelings hurt. My feelings are so guarded, that I don’t know who to trust with them, and time and again, my trust has been abused. Still, I find the courage to open up once in a blue moon, though my hormones, which tell me it is time to reproduce, currently speed my emotional recovery for the sake of biology (not only women have that need!)

I think I would be a very good father. My father has been a good father, and he was full of fear. Many fears that I still can’t comprehend, but he has mastered through them. I hope I can be a better father, because my father has shown me his best, and improving that would be a credit to him


2 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Fear is such a weird thing. This fella named…. umm, John somethng, he’s a physicist, did a sweet talk about it, and how meditation can help calm the ripples of fear that reverberate long past when the immediate cause of the fear was sparked. Cause fear untamed kinda kills us slowly, apparently. It’s probably at the root of most anxieties – anxiety, depression, schizoph, ocd – ev thing. probably.

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