5 down 360 to go

So, 2015. As every year, this is going to be interesting. I’m not one for new year’s resolutions, because they are silly and often counter effective. But the new year is an appropriate time to review ones life plan, and make adjustments – which are always necessary – because that’s when you know how much money you’ve earned in ghe past year. Well, I don’t. Not yet. I don’t get paid for December until January 15th, so until then, I don’t exactly know how well I did in 2014.

Well, I don’t need my financial status to know where I am at. After all, money is neither the only nor the most important thing in my life. My health, for instance, is far more important. Everything considered, I am doing fine, in that respect. But, I can do better. There used to be a time, when I could bore myself doing push-ups. Now I just about manage 40 of them per session. Currently, my gym subscription is just an alibi. I need to find the motivation to go there again.

I am not going to chase love this year. I am going to concentrate on other things. I said that money wasn’t the most important thing for me. But independence is very high on my list, and for that, I need money. And I mean money without debt. So I am going to pour whatever I can into settling my debts. I am not going to stop having fun, however. But I will keep it simple and small. Of course, with my 30th birthday coming up, I will be spending a little bit on a party. I’ve never had much luck with birthday parties, however. I usually plan much too big, and then I end up eating party food for a month.

Last year, I made a resolution to sing more often, despite the fact that I don’t do resolutions. I did sing a little bit more, but not nearly as much as I had hoped to. This year I am employing my brother, who trains singers, to train me. It’s really a nice skill to have, and the talent runs in the family. I don’t intend to start a musical career. It’s just something nice.

Let’s see how I manage this year. Of course, if there’s a zombie apocalypse this year, I will have different worries, like how am I going to get at your guts and brains…


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