To all of the fake bloggers who follow me

My stat page says 195 people follow my blog. So you might expect a 3-digit reader turnout on my posts. Regrettably, this is not the case. My most popular post has attracted 93 views, over a period of 2 years. Many bloggers who I used to converse with 2 years ago are no longer active. I believe they have fallen to the disheartening truth: The blogging community is overrun with fakes. People who will follow your blog without reading a single post, just to provoke us real bloggers into looking at their main page once. Currently I am aware of 5 people who really do read most of what I write here. 5 out of 195. That is around 2.5%. That also lines up with my Yummy Pie stat – 2% Ham, 98 % Spam. Since its resolution is only 1%, that means my Ham portion is between 1.50% and 2.49%.

The fake bloggers hold the same degree of favor with me that I harbor for rapists, pedophiles and terrorists. I am not saying that what they do is on the same scale of ethical depravity. After all, feelings are not particularly rational. But to my mind they are destroying a wonderful place, where I learned to express myself, share my thoughts an feelings without the need for a bottle of booze. I still do write drunk, sometimes. Just because you don’t need it anymore doesn’t mean you can’t do it anymore, right? I digress.

I have no illusion that fake bloggers will suddenly begin taking blogging seriously, begin reading my posts, unfollow me, or just stop spamming at all. I just need to vent this. After all, this is what this place has become for me, too: A place to air my brain. Even though I don’t incur the level of attention I used to a few years ago, just getting it out there makes me feel better. A pat on the back now and then from my fellow real bloggers doesn’t hurt, but that’s not what I’m here for. I would really like to strike a real conversation again, something meaningful, maybe even some controversy. People are too much obsessed with being polite, and don’t comment when their criticism might be interpreted as a personal thing. I’m not saying being polite is unimportant. If you can’t find a considerate way to make your point, then don’t do it. But there are plenty of ways to say someone is wrong, or not entirely right, or missing an important aspect without insulting anyone. It’s a thing often talked about, but too seldomly actually practiced: Constructive Criticism. I digress.

So, shame on you fake bloggers who will destroy a place like this for a measly fast buck. It’s not that making money is a bad intention. If someone paid me to blog for them, I would do that. But I would produce quality posts, to advertise quality products. That would require me to know something about those products, of course. I would write book reviews, for instance. Getting paid to read a book and write about it, that would be nice. Maybe I could get into the habit of writing for my own book some time in between advertising for the books I read. I digress, as always.

Anyway, unless there is something I need to get off my chest before the holidays, I wish you a Merry X-Mas.

9 thoughts on “To all of the fake bloggers who follow me

  1. I think my statistics are similar – when I only consider the ratio of real WP bloggers and ‘followers’. However, I also noted a heartening thing: I am sharing my posts on social media and sometimes people who are not very active – mainly (former) colleagues or clients – let me know they read my stuff. Quite regularly, actually. Most of them ‘follow’ me obviously just by clicking on these shared links or perhaps by old-fashioned bookmarks or RSS readers.

  2. We aren’t “fake bloggers,” we simply added you to our readers and are waiting for you to capture our attention. Making posts about fake followers and whining about it seems to help. 🙂

  3. The challenge with WordPress’ reader is that (like tweets), new posts are churned out as they are published. Maybe a number of your followers are not online during those times?

    Had a quick peek: 433 followers now! What a jump! 🙂

  4. Thank you for posting this. I couldn’t agree more with this post. It is something that truly makes me crazy too. The more followers, the more dross that seems to accumulate and the less quality of anything that occurs, including interaction between bloggers. It all seems pretty futile. Bex

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