Random stuff

That’s what gets me going. I don’t believe there is one single topic I can concentrate my interests on. I’m just not that kind of person. If I wanted to, that means, if I had the motivation, I could write about anything, even a booger in the nose of the person across from me on the subway train, and make it sound interesting. Because motivation is key for writing. No, I am not motivated to write about aforementioned booger. But that’s not the point. There are entirely random things, events, persons which spark motivation, which in turn ignites my imaginatory neurons and sends my mind flying to the outer realms of the observable and conceivable.

And guess what. If you open up to the experience, then so can you. You don’t need drugs. They might help, but my limited experience with mind-altering substances is of little use in the matter. Yeah, I smoked weed, but whatever phantastic breakthroughs I might have had are unaccessible to the sober mind, which is required to communicate aforementioned breakthroughs to the rest of humanity. Unless you’re a painter. I am not a man of the brush, but of the written word. And I love to digress.

So, you can do it, too. Observation, to my mind, is the key to creativity.

2 thoughts on “Random stuff

    1. Well, sure, why not? After all, my process, which I describe in my post, is not the only possibility. I would, however, posit, that even the most sheltered of people has sources of information that can be “observed”, if you would allow a more flexible definition of the word, and thus the ability to form and express individual opinions and post new questions

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