6 im Weck’la


In Germany, we have ALL kinds of bratwurst. Germans are the inventors of bratwurst. There is a generations-long rivalry between the cities of Nuremberg and Regensburg over which one produced the first bratwurst. Of course, it was Nuremberg. I’m just saying that because I live in the Nuremberg area. And I am proud of our bratwurst. Nuremberg was a medieval commerce center in central Europe, rivaling cities like Vienna, Salzburg, Regensburg, Prague and Paris in importance. Over time, its status has suffered from political turbulence. After Napoléon rewarded the Duke of Bavaria with a kingdom and the then prosperous region of Franconia, which is dominated by Nuremberg, Bamberg and Würzburg, the area has been systematically drained of its resources by the centralistic Bavarian Government. Nuremberg still held a great deal of importance, but due to its heavy industry and its status of Pet City of the Führer until the end of WWII, it was bombed into oblivion by the British-American Bomber squads. Today, it is again a bustling Metropolis, with near a million people inhabiting the greater Nuremberg area (i.e. Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen, Ansbach, Schwabach, Roth, Lauf). Everywhere in this area, and all towns in its sphere of influence, you can order “3 im Weck’la” at any Butcher’s shop and Bratwurstbude (Bratwurst hut). 3 delicious mini-bratwurst in a bun with a selection of sweet, mild and hot mustard, or ketchup, which is considered sacrilege in Franconia. I, however, ordered 6 of the sausages in a bun, which saves me the carbs of an additional bread, and 20 (Euro-)cents, to boot.

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