I don’t work in order to eat

I had a little exchange with a colleague a few minutes ago. In this exchange, he uttered the concept of working in order to eat. As the title infers, that is not why I work. But, historically, that was the primary reason to work for humans for millennia. In many areas outside of the industrialized world, it is even the case today. When you’re working for food, it means food is a scarse resource. There is an anthropology based on the idea that humans indeed lived in a kind of paradise before they invented work. I am not saying there wasn’t plenty of food, then, but you certainly couldn’t go to the supermarket and buy Oranges in the winter months. Even if there was plenty, or more than plenty of food, the limits imposed by the seasons means there is a level of scarcity.

But what I was actually getting at with my colleague was that I don’t have to work to be able to buy food. If that was all I was after, I could live off the German Social System. I work for money, not for food.


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