I know I’m not as smart as I think I am

Wrap your head around that, this will stretch your neurons big time.

How can someone know something about themselves, and simply ignore this truth in favor of an illusion? Well, now that I write it this way, it doesn’t seem so ludicrous. People ignore plenty of facts, which you can smack into their faces as much as you want. They will not only ignore, but actively resist the truth of the facts in favor of the comfortable illusion. Don’t stop resisting, my dear delusional friends, it’s no fun smacking around truths when there’s no faces to meet them. Really, the more frustrated I seem, the more fun I am actually having. And I will offer you my face in turn, for you to smack your truths into. Really, the more annoyed I seem, the more I am enjoying the attention.

Oh, right. I don’t actually think I’m smarter than I know I am. It’s just that people seem to think that I believe myself a genius. I’m really just nutty as a fruit cake.

5 thoughts on “I know I’m not as smart as I think I am

  1. We all ignore our real truth, to an extent anyway. Maybe it is fear, guilt, shame or whatever else that makes us deny ourselves. How often can we be, have we been our real selves?!

    1. We are afraid of truth. Not The truth. That would imply that rgere is a single determibable truth. We’re afraid of what we can’t know, what we can’t understand. And since the nature of truth forever eludes us, we hunt it. Curiosity and Fear are the same. By Jove, I am writing such drivel, sober! I truly am… genius?

      1. Good, glad your normal is as normal as it can be! Mine too, is, well, I’m lacking a little normal at the moment. I think in due course it will return though, I hope!

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