New way

I am currently pursuing a possible relationship with a woman. That is not new to me. What is new is that I am considering my progeny. I am getting ahead of myself. I haven’t even met this person of interest. But I am suddenly in the position to consider my life choices. Well, I have been doing this for myself, but not for many people outside of myself. I want to make this right. If I am to have offspring, and a role to play in their lives beyond progenitor, I will drink no alcohol until the youngest turns 16.

Alcohol has done much harm in our family. Well, it’s not alcohol’s fault. Alcohol is not a person, and it’s people’s faults. But this goes much further than my own parents. It’s generations over generations of well… anyway. The way I consume alcohol is not what I want to pass on. As soon as I (i e. My life partner and I) have a child, I am joining AA. Because I can’t drink responsibly. Children learn from action, not from words.

7 thoughts on “New way

  1. Why wait? Do yourself a favor. I’m not sure you need AA, but maybe it’s right for you. The problem that arises is that when you stop indulging in one vice, the inner need can express itself in some other self-destructive behavior. I have heard that people at AA smoke cigarettes like chimneys – in your special case that might even be worse than alcohol.

    1. Well I’m not going to start smoking. I mentioned AA for drama’s sake, but if I find that I can’t stop when I need to, it is a viable option. Why wait? Because it is about timing, not about time.

  2. Are you ready to step away from alcohol? If you are, then do it. I would consider the transference of need though. Don’t use another prop as a ‘crutch’; if you propose to be beer free, then do it right! Good luck! Be strong!

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