What are we talking?

In Ukraine, we are seeing the biggest conflict in Europe since the Balkan crisis. And Russia is not going to Stop in the Ukraine. Just a month ago, the foreign minister of Russia supposedly joked about reclaiming Finland. He probably would have liked to say Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, but that would have meant directly threatening to invade members of the EU. However, Russia’s Influence is strong in those regions, and that influence is not the only threat to the EU.

So, in what other ways could Russia be a threat to the EU? I’m just saying: Power. Electrical power, and Gas. Sure, we have our own electrical plants, and we’ve got some natural reserves of Gas, but because it is so costly to produce, we have pretty much neglected it. The Ukraine is the focal point in this matter. Both Russia and the EU want to draw Ukraine in. And it looks like Russia is winning this tug-o-war, and not just because Putin is a madman. The EU leaders are trying to be sensible and reasonable, but a sensible, reasonable man cannot negotiate with a madman. Whatever sanctions are planned against Russia, they won’t cut deep enough. The only diplomacy that will work is one that completely isolates Russia economically. For that, every big power has to work together, because the path Russia is setting us on isn’t just bad for business, though that is exactly what they need to be told: Russia is bad for business. Europe, China, The USA, Japan all need to route their assets away from Russia, make Putin gasp for air; the others will follow.

There are enough Russians who want to do business. They’ll take care of the rest from the inside.


2 thoughts on “What are we talking?

  1. I don’t think Putin is a madman, but he certainly doesn’t trust the west. When Germany was reunited they promised the Soviets that NATO forces would not be deployed in the former East German area, and when the Soviet Union dissolved and the new Russia was a weak infant, they spread Nato even into former Soviet republics. The West has consistently tried to surround and contain Russia. Putin is just playing the same game. I’m not defending anyone – I think they are all dangerous megalomaniacs

    1. So, if everyone is a megalomaniac, nobody’s a madman? I disagree. Putin is putting the entire world in the scale of his power gambit. He is escalating conflicts with the purpose of goading the West into a rash decision. Imho, he is a certifiable psychopath.

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